A new Bril has arrived!

BRIL, this great family, is full of happiness to share with you our new updates on social media and on our online store 🎉

We are so full of this brand new energy that we’ve started a new blog in order to keep you up to date with our latest news, and the most relevant info from the fascinating world of footwear.

You’ll be the first ones to know about our work in progress, new upcoming models, and especially the first ones to read about unique tips, so that your only job is to relax and enjoy your footwear all day long!

We also believe that it is time to explain the importance of using our anatomical clogs made with high quality materials. Our great and vast history is what gives us our unique identity. Our extensive knowledge of fashion allows us to shape to the needs of people like you, so there’s nothing else to do but to share all the wisdom with you, our dearest readers!

As you may know, we’ve been in the shoes business for a decade, trying to improve ourselves every day over the last ten years.

We care about each and every one of you, (and each and every one of your feet!).

Our main goal is that you improve your lifestyle and selfcare. We want you to walk with comfort indefinitely: we take this personal.

We put all of us in every step of the process, from improving our methods, to the  procedures we take, and by upgrading our materials.

If passion for what you do is what starts your engines, it’s the same for us!

The sky is the limit!

Join the community, relax, and enjoy.